Read about me below, to better understand who I am, what I've achieved and what I envisage for the future.

About Me


I was born in Ashburton, New Zealand, in 1981. Cycling was always part of my family – with my father and his brothers all racing, but when I was younger I played all sports with cycling being the last sport I chose to take up. To be honest, I was most passionate [...]


Finally after years of wanting to do this I now, due to retirement, have the time needed to put my heart and soul into extending my ROULSTON brand beyond that of a cyclist. Ultimately my vision is to enable people from all walks of life to realise their full [...]


There are a number of values and principles that are fundamental to me. They guide my actions and they guide my expectations of others. My values are a very important part of who I am today and through the Roulston brand I aim to always demonstrate those [...]