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I’ve just launched and this is my first blog. It’s really exciting times ahead for me here and something totally different to what I’ve ever done before. My goal with the blog is to talk about anything and everything cycling related and maybe some other stuff too. From track events that the national team may be doing, to local road events and of course a big discussion will be around the racing scene in Europe. I aim to offer both vlogs and blogs for you all to enjoy, some may be long, some may be short but I do aim to do a weekly blog or something close to it.

I feel that after being right in amongst it at the highest level on both the track and the road I can offer some good insights in to whats happening on the bike and create some good discussion. I do just want to point out a few things though. Remember that I’m no scholar and my blogs will probably be full of mistakes. English was not a strong point for me at school. So don’t shoot me! Just remember that I don’t judge you and the way you ride your bike ok!

To kick the blog off lets talk about our young Pro Tour kiwi, Shane Archibald (aka Novey). What a dream this guy is living right now. One minute, Novey is riding for what we would call, one of the smaller pro teams, and nek minuut he’s riding for Sagan, who is arguably the biggest rider this sport will ever have and all of a sudden turning that ‘small’ team into one of the biggest. What an opportunity for Novey. My prediction here is that he will thrive in the company of Sagan and have a long relationship with him. I would call them similar sort of riders, similar sort of personality too. One rider is developed and well established and a big champion, the other is a young pup taking it all in and in my opinion a big talent too. I can’t wait to see how Novey’s year turns out.

When I say his old team was smaller, I’m not saying it wasn’t good. But in comparison to what the new team will be like, it’ll be like light and day. Bikes, clothing, wheels, nutrition, staff, races, riders, this team will have it all and will get to test the best and latest stuff before we have the chance of getting any of it. In Europe the top teams are looked after so well and I’m sure Novey is already seeing the Sagan effect and how it can lift not only the athletes, but also the staff too. To be honest though, some staff need a lift and a kick up the bum, cause they’re hopeless!

A big champion like Sagan will bring extra pressure of course. But just having a champion like him at the table will make everyone feel great. Watching what he does, how he eats, how he cares for his body are all things that will help his team mates become even better than they are. Everything will be intensified there now and the pressure will start to build as the race season approaches, but in saying that, Sagan is a different beast when it comes to letting pressure affect him. I’m sure that he will bring a bit of fun to the table and the team bus too, which can both be a bit tense at times. This will be the key to their success. I remember what it was like first on the team with Fabian. I was so nervous. Then the next minute I’m bloody rooming with him, sometimes too scared to roll over in my bed just in case I woke the big giant up!! Of course the nerves subside when you realise they are just humans, and just very good at what they do. But no doubt the boys in the team will all be a bit nervous with the arrival of Sagan.

It’s time to end my first blog, I hope you liked it. I hope you enjoy my website too. It’s taken a few hours of work getting everything ready but I’m really happy with how its all turned out. Check in every week guys and I’m sure I can find some interesting stuff to talk about.



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