I can help you lose weight and do so without hunger. I can teach you about food and prove to you that anyone can lose weight.

Nutrition Testimonials

Andy - Age: 52

I recently participated in Hayden's 8 Week Le Race Group, I followed Hayden's nutrition guidelines and after the 8 weeks lost over 10kg, I found Hayden very knowledgeable and very accessible to any questions.

Gareth - Age: 26

Following Hayden’s nutrition advice, I changed both my regular day-to-day eating and how I fuelled up for training and racing. Essentially I quit sugar and it felt amazing. I felt major boosts in my daily energy levels and had improved recovery rates during training blocks. This nutritional advice has brought me many positives changes, most of all a big improvement in my power-to-weight ratio. I also found myself with greater reserve energy sources which was valuable at the end of long and harder rides, meaning I no longer worry about crashing and ‘hitting the wall’, something most cyclists seem to be very familiar with.

Steve - Age: 42

I had set an initial target through the 8 week training programme with Hayden to lose 4kgs. This was based on what I was able to lose when I last seriously trained for an event 7 years ago. After just 4 weeks of using Hayden’s nutrition programme I had already lost the 4kgs and in total I was able to shed 8kgs in 8 weeks!

Gary - Age: 52

Hayden introduce me to a High Fat low Carb diet, initially I was a bit concerned as he told me to eat as much fat as I wanted, food had to be cooked in olive oil and butter, I have a cholesterol problem, I had my normal cholesterol test after week six, I was very happy to be told that my levels had come down, initially the diet was hard, giving up carbs and sugar is not easy but once you do and convert you body to a fat burner you feel great. My energy levels are up and I feel I can go for longer before needing to refuel.

When out on group or solo rides previously I would carry two bottles of electrolyte drink, bars and gels, but with Hayden's program that has all changed I now only have water and carry one bar in case I feel hungry.

Steph - Age: 38

Sugar had me totally hooked and I never thought it possible that I could actually stop eating sugar and lose the cravings, especially after trying to reduce it for decades. Hayden helped me get off sugar, and now I'm feeling amazing and with more energy that I've had in years. I no longer have generalized inflammation, shakes, blood sugar dips, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, dental pain, and gastro symptoms. I have consistent energy all day long, even after strenuous exercise, and can now achieve much more in any day.

Tracey - Age: 42

I signed up with Hayden Roulston because I had little motivation for diet and exercise (I hardly cycled my bike) so I was unfit and overweight. There is no doubt in my mind that Hayden's method of (high fat, low carb) diet, and training had made all the difference. His motivation, support and commitment to me as a client was outstanding. Whilst being understanding, Hayden is honest, he will tell you what you need to hear. Together with his level of knowledge and experience he helped me get amazing results. In just 8 weeks under Hayden's program, I completed le race. No matter age or fitness level if you want to make a difference to yourself and get results, contact Hayden, I would highly recommend him.

Mark - Age: 44

At the outset, I wasn’t seeking advice from Hayden for nutrition purposes. This aspect however was literally life changing. You cannot ignore the advice from someone who has not only experimented, but sought advice at the highest level professional that cycling allows about nutrition. I thought I ate healthily yet still shed 8kgs over an 8-week period simply by changing my diet. On the bike, this now feels amazing. The weight loss has also been inversely offset by an increase in endurance energy. Off the bike, I feel unbelievably better throughout many aspects of life, from general energy, to sleeping, and attentiveness over the course of a normal day. This is something I will not let go and I can only thank Hayden’s advice and tips for this lifestyle change.

Craig - Age: 41

Nutrition was something I knew I could work on as a diet of beer and potato chips and a lot of carbs was oddly not really working for me. Hayden put forward a plan that I thought how am I going to cope with all this. but it opened my eyes to a whole different life style and it works. Two years ago I was 97kgs and after taking up cycling I got down to 87kgs. I wanted to take it further and with Hayden's advise and guidance on his 8 week program this was all made possible. I am now 76.9kgs and still dropping!

Paul - Age: 50

It was very interesting to me to hear Hayden recommending the low carb high fat diet. Its been something that I have looked at a lot in the past and alines with some other diets that look very interesting (like the GAPS diet), but seemed a to extreme and I was unsure how this fitted into sports. I have been doing various diets for over 25 years now and after the first couple of weeks of getting used to it and switching my body over to a new way of processing,ketosis, I found several very interesting things happened. 1) my energy levels thoughtout the day where much improved, I would usually start to loose energy around 4pm and this didnt' happen at all. 2) my mental sharpness was amazing. I was clear and onto it much more of the time. 3) my energy on the bike was much better and I didn't experience post race sugar lows.

Richard - Age: 46

This diet has totally changed the way I look at food. When I started this diet I was fairly sceptical to be honest. I didn’t think I would be able to do it and thought it would be really hard to cut out all the foods I had been eating and loved my whole life. I needn’t have worried. I jumped in boots and all from minute one. It was strange for the first couple of days and I felt pretty average for about three days but after that I was in to it and never looked back. All the stuff Hayden told me about feeling satisfied and trusting the diet was bang on. I felt full and satisfied for significant periods and went from constantly snacking between meals to three meals a day and not missing the junk at all! I would not have believed it could happen unless I was doing it. It’s bloody amazing! I started the diet and was 90kg and I’m now down to 79kg in 16 weeks. I feel amazing, have more energy and don’t get the afternoon crash.