If diet or weight is a constant battle for you, or you are simply seeking some inspiration to further refine yourself - I can provide you with the tools for a potentially life-changing transformation of body, mind and spirit!

Roulston Protocol

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Are you constantly hungry?
Do you diet only to fail time and time again?
Do you count calories?
Do you constantly feel guilty about food?
Do you exercise to lose weight?
Do you have major cravings?
Do you get sleepy in the afternoon?
Do you eat ‘good’ yet hold fat on your body?
Do you eat to keep the metabolism burning?
Are you an emotional eater?

Do you want to lose your cravings?
Do you want to lose your hunger?
Do you want to wake up happier?
Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to exercise for fitness vs. so you can eat?
Do you want to fit your old clothes?
Do you want to understand the word FAT and the role it plays?

What if I told you I could help you with all of the above? I can help you lose weight and do so without hunger. I can teach you about food and prove to you that anyone can lose weight. Learn how to lose weight, learn how to eat healthy and finally let go of that unwanted fat you’ve accumulated over the years of eating the wrong foods. Understand that what you’ve been told your whole life may in fact be wrong. This program will potentially change your life forever!
Roulston Protocol is based on everything I've learned throughout my career as a professional athlete. I’m no doctor or nutritionist; I'm simply applying what I've learned to many people and seeing amazing results through understanding and proper diet. With my nutrition program I will coach you through 4 weeks of learning’s and understandings. You will enter into my support group online where you will be around like-minded people all sick and tired of the old way of dieting. You'll learn everything you need; to change your life and finally get back into clothes you once thought were gone forever. I will show you how to lose weight easily and let go of bad habits and cravings. Within the group and continue to learn even after the 4-week coaching program is over.
For 4 weeks you will have me coaching you with nutrition and helping you through each of the stages. You'll also have people similar to yourself learning within the support group so you wont be alone. I will be there for all questions related to the guidelines I'm giving you and in 4-weeks I will bring positive change to your life. I will be your nutrition coach and I will educate you so that one day you can coach others and teach them what I'm going to teach you. It’s easy when you know how.
So are you sick of dieting and getting minimal results? Are you sick of feeling like you’ve failed yet again? What about the feeling of giving in to your cravings time and time again? If you want to learn how to eat properly, control your weight and not be controlled by food anymore then you need to sign up to receive Roulston Protocol and allow me to show you the new way.
For a one off fee of $199 you will achieve more in 4 weeks than you have in your lifetime. You'll get support through the Nutrition by Roulston Facebook group. You'll learn about food and the role it plays inside your body. You learn to exercise again for health, not weight loss. You’ll learn why you crave and how to stop it. In 4 weeks you will be supported and guided through this new way of eating so you lose your cravings, lose weight and get your life back.
Forget the other diets; forget the magic pills and potions that will make you thin. Trust me when I say I can and will help you. Throughout my life as a professional athlete I've tried every diet, only to fail time and time again giving into my cravings. These nutrition guidelines that I now live my life by have totally changed how I feel inside and out of my body.
Everyone has 4 weeks to commit to something that could potentially be life changing. Start living and stop suffering now. You’ve got to give this a try, it’s truly amazing and the results I'm seeing already amongst clients are incredible.